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Monday, September 27th, 2010

This entire earth is making me angry due to dieting, parking tickets and the apparently permanent cancellation of the ground-breaking drama My Boys. It’s a real show, with characters I really started to care about. I mean, what is gonna happen when Kenny and Stephanie move to London? Brando just bought that stupid Crowley’s bar and Mike married that chick from The Hangover. So much is happening….

What about Bobby and that appalling combover? I was really and I mean REALLY looking forward to watching the steady retreat of his hairline until it was a Trump-esque monstrosity and then the inevitable replacement to a jaunty, faux-hawk toupee, which would, if there is a god,  coincide with my birthday or maybe Christmas. But, you f-ing jags have ruined it all for me. Do you know how long it takes for me to let my guard down and open up my heart to new sitcom  characters?

Well, after watching it ironically for many seasons, I finally admitted to myself and to my world, which includes my Zombie friend Emily, a burrito and a wooden pineapple, that I actually liked the flipping show. And you’ve ripped it away from me. It feels exactly like the time I thought I saw Bieber at the mall…turns out it was a mannequin from Baby Gap.

But, I’m still King of the World. You can’t break my spirit TBS. I’m sure that the CW has something to offer…..


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