Monday, April 5th, 2010

Let me make something abundantly clear.  I like to nap. I need to nap.  Without a solid 22 hours of sleep a day, I become a salty dog.   Here’s a picture of me enjoying my nap.

Lately, I have been rudely awakened by ghosts.  This is how I look when I am awakened.

I am getting royally ticked off about this and although I am, by nature, lazy bordering on comatose, I have decided to take some action to combat these irritating ghosts. Hence, I have entered the blog-o-sphere. So, suck it ghosts. There’s gonna be two hits. Me hitting you. You hitting the floor. And I won’t rest, until I can actually rest, which means you are back in your graves or at least bothering someone else….and if you need some suggestions on who to haunt, I know a  real annoying son of a bitch who lives mere doors away from me……


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