Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Well, many of you have been sending in your questions. And, fair enough, life is confusing and there is nowhere to turn. Who you gonna ask? Your priest? Please, unless you’re 8, you’re gonna get the busy signal. Yahoo Answers is useless. Wikipedia is for turds….so I’m gonna help sort it all out for ya…..So, what exactly is the difference between a cicada and that idiot Buffalo Bill from the lovable family film, Shut up, Sheep?? Well, pay attention kiddies because there is gonna be some math involved….

One wants to get out of his own skin; the other wants to get you outta your skin.

One wants pizza. Little Cesear’s preferably, but will settle for Papa John’s so long as there is extra extra garlic sauce. The other wants to tuck his junk between his legs and make you put lotion in a basket.

So, remember kids….Let Cicadas live and fictional serial killers, well, live, I guess. So, until next time, good luck Keeping Up With the Kardashians……those ladies made a deal with the devil nobody can defeat.


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  1. Rolf Waxman says:

    The Arizona Cardinals have no chance tomorrow because they won’t be able to stop the run. Go Buffalo Bills!

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    Put the lotion in the basket!!!!! Silence of the lambs!!!????!!! Watch it bc it’s even more of a family movie than Boomerang!!!!

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  40. jigglypuff says:

    I am confused….Who is Buffalo Bill?