Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Well, I woke up with a wicked injury to my right rear passenger side leg. I blame a particularly chatty ghost named Senior Apple lle

there was a lot of shouting “Remember me??” and a lot of quotes from what I could tell was that book, “Are you there God? It’s me Maragaret” because there is no other discernible reason for an outdated computer to be whining about wearing a training bra other than it was stuck on a repeat key….

So, this lump of wires and self-loathing spent the whole night sitting on my poor defenseless leg. And when I woke up, I was walking like a wobbly table-top, so not at all. And it hurt like a mother board….get it??? Ah, cut me some slack, Im stoned.

I put on a brave face, but I really couldn’t walk, which didn’t bug me too much, since the most I walk is from my bed to the food dish, but the real issue is that I couldn’t sit down, well, I could, but it took me a good goddamn hour to move my leg into a seated position. Boo.

So, I called my enemy, now friend, the Vet, who gave me a boatload of painkillers.

Hearts and stars, gang, hearts and mother fucking stars. The world is a far better place, now that I get one of these lovely little treats 2/x a day. Food tastes better, water tastes better, hell, even breathing tastes better. The ghosts are no longer as annoying as usual. I may even try to pay attention next time some Joe Schmo from beyond the grave reads me a poem. Good gravy, I love drugs.


Category : naps

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