I am Ace.

Lazy Ghost Hunter Ace the Bulldog

I like naps. I hate people, living or dead, who interrupt my naps for any reason. I hate ironic t-shirts. But I love the song “Isn’t it ironic”  by Canadian songbird, Alanis Morissette.  How’s that for irony? Suck it, turds.

Ghost haunt me. They wake me up from my naps and I am t’od about it.  So, I’m taking a stand, while trying to sleep, but a stand nonetheless. Heads up ghosts, or necks up, if you’ve been decapitated, because I’m gunning for you. And there’s gonna be two hits. Me hitting you. You hitting the floor.

Lazy Ghost Hunter Ace the Bulldog battles cartoon ghost

As a bulldog, I cannot, under any circumstances exert any effort toward this ghost hunting. I refuse to be a traitor to my fellow hogs by acting like I give a shit about anything other than food, but I will say this, and believe it to be a fact – if you disturb my slumber you will pay….not with your life, since you already lost that, but with something else, something more terrifying……and you won’t know where or when or how, but trust that I will repay you…….For now, and until I settle on a sufficiently horrific punishment for you d-bags, I am gonna blog my fat heart out about it.


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9 Responses to “ABOUT ACE”

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  9. potemily says:

    Do you do house calls? I think there is a ghost that lives in my closet!!